July 1, 2020

Welcome to the new site

My annual Podbean subscription was about to expire, and since the podcast is no longer active I thought it was prudent to cancel it before I got charged for another year. To my surprise, it looks like people are still listening.

I’d already had plans to make this move but knowing there was at least still a trickle of interest meant that I took some care into crafting its new home into a place where I could potentially host more episodes in the future.

I may regret this, but I’ve enabled comments on this post. Let me know if you’d have an interest in future episodes, and how you’d be likely to participate yourself. The call-in questions were always my preference because then I could play someone else’s voice. It gave the show a bit of context that always seemed lacking when it was just me talking. That said, I’m open to the idea keeping other social media contacts open, with the exception of Facebook and Instagram, which I have left due to Facebook’s persistent data collection and complete lack of regard for a healthy social environment. I still have active accounts on Tumblr, Twitter, and mastodon, and could potentially start up somewhere else if the interest is there.

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